Long Lake Dam Improvement

Long Lake Dam Improvement, Akron, Ohio


Akron, Ohio

Project Highlights
  • 12" dia. cast-in-place concrete piles with sheet pile cut-off walls
  • Two-phase demolition and construction approach
  • Self-performed dewatering system
  • Roller gate installation
Project Description

The Long Lake Dam Improvement Project was a two-phase replacement project of the existing 1950’s era roller gate dam. The structure separates Long Lake and the Tuscarawas River and was built to control the outflow of the lake.

The proposed structure was a cast-in-place concrete dam with three roller gates. The dam’s foundation is comprised of 12” diameter cast-in-place concrete piles with sheet pile cutoff walls on both the upstream and downstream ends.

The project design required a two-phase demolition and construction approach. During initial construction start-up activities, it was discovered that the original structure did not match the construction documents. Beaver Excavating worked with the project owner, engineer and additional consulting engineer to redesign the cofferdam system to allow the project to proceed while maintaining the two-phased demolition and construction process. As prime contractor, Beaver Excavating self-performed all of the cofferdam construction, demolition, excavation and concrete construction activities. Beaver also facilitated the project dewatering design and seepage analysis process and self-performed the installation of the dewatering system.