Beaver Excavating’s long history of landfill construction and environmental related project experience in the power generation industry has given Beaver a unique skillset to utilize for the regulated closure of coal combustion residual (CCR) impoundments. Beaver has partnered with its customers and industry-leading professionals to help develop the means and methods used to efficiently and safely perform these closures. Together with the required specialized equipment fleet, Beaver also utilizes project-specific testing, monitoring, and instrumentation equipment to ensure that the work is completed within project design and safety guidelines. Along with CCR-specific project experience, Beaver has performed many other types of environmental-related projects including work relative to storm water management and treatment, residual waste hauling and landfill placement, and various impoundment and collection system infrastructure construction.

  • CCR impoundment closures
  • CCR impoundment lateral dry ash landfill construction
  • CCR landfill structural berm construction on existing CCR impoundments