Timken Underpass Bridge Construction

Timken Underpass Bridge Construction, Canton, Ohio


Canton, Ohio

Project Highlights
  • 42 foot wide, 20 foot high, 90 foot long pre-cast concrete span bridge
  • 648 cy of concrete demolition and removal of 5,686 sf of steel sheet piling
  • 8,224 cy of excavation and 5,328 cy of embankment work
  • 600 cy of cast-in-place concrete abutments
  • 15, 6 foot wide pre-cast CON/SPAN sections for bridge deck
  • Reduced budgeted bridge project man hours from 6,000 to 4,100
Project Description

Innovation and determination were key elements used by Beaver Excavating to successfully complete the Timken Road Underpass bridge replacement project at The Timken Company’s Canton facilities. As part of Timken’s conversion from a rail to truck-based system of hauling scrap steel to its furnaces, Beaver Excavating value engineered more than $350,000 in savings on the bridge replacement.

As prime contractor, Beaver Excavating partnered with The Timken Company to accelerate the original three month project schedule to complete the bridge replacement and transportation related portions of the scrap hauling conversion within two months. Along with the underpass construction, and within the same two-month schedule, Beaver widened two miles of plant roads; modified the scrap steel yard – including lighting, storm/sanitary sewers, water/fire lines, slag aggregate roads, electrical/communication lines and locker rooms; and modified the scrap steel building by upgrading dumping pits, approach ramps and ramp access roads.