Marysville UpGround Water Reservoir

Marysville UpGround Water Reservoir, Marysville, Ohio


Marysville, Ohio

Project Highlights
  • 190,000 cy of topsoil removed from project site; 45,000 cy of topsoil used for outside slope of reservoir
  • 1.7 million cy of structural fill used from within the project site
  • 80,000 tons of sand placed for the blanket drain; 17,850 feet of pipe installation
  • 4,700 ft of 24-inch effluent; 700 ft of 36-inch ductile influent line
  • 7 - Caterpillar Challenger pull pans
  • 5 - Caterpillar 631 scrapers and 773 rock trucks
  • 3 - Caterpillar D9 bulldozers
  • 1 - Hitachi 1200 excavator
Project Description

The Marysville Reservoir was designed to store up to 1.4 billion gallons of drinking water for the residents of this community located 25 miles northwest of Columbus, Ohio. As the project’s general contractor, Beaver Excavating was in charge of constructing Marysville’s 150-acre reservoir, which consisted of more than two miles of earth embankment for the bowl-shaped berm; concrete construction of influent, effluent and overflow structures, pipe installation, slope and blanket drain work.

The project also required Beaver to remove existing structures, build storm water controls, perform traffic control, seeding and site restoration and construct a boat ramp and stone parking area. Two main challenges on the $6.7 million project were completing the structural fill for the berm in time to meet the schedule and getting the 190,000 cy of excess topsoil across Raymond Road during the 90-day road closure.

To meet the project’s aggressive schedule, Beaver ensured adequate manpower and machinery by utilizing more than 40 people on the jobsite and an arsenal of equipment including more than 30 pieces of earthmoving equipment. Despite the winter weather conditions, spring’s heavy rainfall and a 12-hour-a-day work limitation, Beaver managed to finish the project on-time and on-budget.