We realize that utilizing our past project experience plays a key role in our continued success and is what sets us apart from our competition. We also know that continuous training and investment in our employees and work methods enable us to recognize new ways to implement the advantages of today’s technologies. It’s a challenge that we strive to meet on every one of our projects.

As a construction service provider, the key elements that enable us to provide the best service are our people and our equipment. Beaver Excavating believes that we have one of the best work forces in the industry and maintains their safety, training, and wellness as a priority. With nearly 600 pieces of specialized earthmoving and construction equipment, Beaver has one of the largest, well-maintained, modern, specialized construction fleets in the region. Real-time equipment tracking enables us to maximize equipment utilization and respond quickly to project mobilization needs. Beaver continually invests in our fleet to provide the most reliable and productive equipment for our customers’ project sites. Our commitment to a partnering approach with our customers has enabled us to adapt and respond to best suit the needs of a changing and evolving industry.

Beaver is an industry leader in utilizing the innovations that technology has brought to the construction industry. As an early adopter of global positioning system (GPS) technology, we now have over 20 years of experience with Trimble machine control and surveying products. 3-dimensional machine control enables Beaver to meet the most stringent accuracy requirements on the project site while optimizing efficiency at every level of our operation.

Beaver has over 120 GPS systems installed on our specialized earthmoving equipment fleet. We utilize one second total stations, scanning stations, and ATS grader systems that build the finest finished product in the industry. Our GCS900 Grade Control Systems are cutting-edge earthmoving grade control systems that put design surfaces, grades, and alignments inside the cab. These systems use GPS, laser, or total station technology to accurately position the blade or bucket in real time, significantly reducing material overages and dramatically improving our operator’s productivity and efficiency. Using positioning technology provides blade control to the following accuracies:

  • Our GPS controlled machines provide blade control to 20-30 millimeters (0.1 foot).
  • Our total station grader using the SPS930 ATS instrument provides blade control to 2-5 millimeters (0.007 to 0.016 feet).
  • Our GPS controlled machines with Laser Augmentation provide blade control to 3-6 millimeters (0.01 to 0.02 feet).

We equip our survey department with state-of-the-art high accuracy instruments like the Trimble S8, S7, VX and the DiNi level. These instruments help provide our customers with a superior product that is far above the industry standard.

Our survey department has a fleet of several SenseFLy and DGI drones consisting of both fixed wing and quadcopter models to service all mapping and inspection needs. Our fleet of drones is more than capable of mapping sites up to 250 acres as well as mapping the exterior of buildings and similar structures with a very high degree of accuracy.  Our drone program operates with stringent attention to detail and quality, allowing us to obtain consistently accurate results and track quantities to less than 1% error over an entire site.  Although we are not a “drone for hire” company, we do utilize this available technology and our expertise to ensure the success of our projects.  We have flown hundreds of successful drone missions without incident due to strict adherence to FAA policies and our own guidelines that go above and beyond what is normally required.  Our pilots are fully licensed and FAA Part 107 compliant, and all of our drones are fully insured.

At Beaver Excavating, we continually research and invest the newest in technology and equipment to support our field-proven experience and time-honored commitment to quality construction.