First Energy Tinkers Creek Stream Restoration

First Energy Tinkers Creek Stream Restoration, Cuyahoga County, Ohio


Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Project Highlights
  • 24,000 cy of debris cleared to relocate Tinkers Creek
  • 64,000 cy of structural fill used to build up the eroding creek slopes
  • 590 large trees, 4,000 saplings, 600 shrubs and 12,400 grass plugs planted for erosion control
  • Stream structures utilized included; rock vanes, cross vanes, log diggers, pool/riffle complexes
Project Description

Beaver Excavating was selected by First Energy to secure the banks and slopes of Tinkers Creek in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, where erosion threatened two high-voltage power line towers and a portion of the adjacent Astorhurst golf course.

Engineers from URS Corporation designed a solution that required the creek itself be slightly relocated, and the slopes replaced and reinforced in their original positions. As with many jobsites, access for machinery and trucks was limited. Due to the height of the slope – more than 180 feet in spots – and the adjacent golf course, a temporary stream crossing was constructed within Tinkers Creek in order to access the site and to haul in the required structural fill necessary to rebuild the eroded slope. Following slope grading, Beaver implemented erosion control measures that included planting thousands of trees, shrubs and grass plugs, and the construction of hydraulically specific stream structures.

Beaver Excavating worked closely with the project engineers, local property owners and municipalities to leave the creek and adjacent slopes in better shape than they had ever been.