Landfill and reservoir construction has become one of Beaver Excavating’s long-time project building competencies. Skilled, experienced workers and Beaver’s large, well-maintained diverse equipment fleet enable it to excel at meeting critical landfill and reservoir construction specifications and the most-demanding project schedules.

  • Project experience includes all aspects of Best Available Technology (BAT) construction and EPA certifications associated with municipal, residual, industrial and construction demolition, and debris waste facility construction and closures.
  • Reservoirs include municipal up-ground water storage facilities, industrial impoundments, dam construction, storm water, and flood control facilities.
  • Project sizes range from several acres to sites in excess of 900 acres.
  • Landfill services include excavation, structural fill, re-compacted soil liners, leachate collection systems and force mains, aggregate drainage layers, haul road and rail access construction, waste relocation, synthetic liner installation, waste hauling and placement, landfill operation, permitting, gas extraction piping, storm water pollution prevention, lateral and vertical expansion, dust and odor control, capping, and cover work. Reservoir services include excavation, structural embankment, liner installation, associated pump stations, intake structures, and supply and distribution piping.