Carroll County Energy Facility

Carroll County Energy Facility, Carroll County, Ohio


Carroll County, Ohio

Project Highlights
  • 77-acre greenfield site - 31 acres of clearing and grubbing and 53,000 cy of topsoil strip
  • 400,000 cy of mass excavation cut to fill
  • 65,000 cy of rock blasting and 10,000 lf. of utility trench blasting
  • 51,000 tons of aggregate base and 46,000 tons of imported structural fill sand placement
  • 12,200 lf. of storm sewer and construction of four erosion and sedimentation control ponds
  • 400 lf. combined soil nail and MSE retaining wall with 40' max. height ( 9,870 sf. soil nail, 2,750 sf. MSE )
  • SR 9 road widening with turn lane addition
  • 5,200 lf. of pipeline excavation and backfill
  • Access road construction with adjacent 10-acre equipment laydown area
  • 60 major piece site earthwork and construction equipment fleet
Project Description

Beaver Excavating performed mass excavation and site development, on a 77-acre site, as part of the construction of the 700 MW Carroll County Energy Facility led by Bechtel Power Corporation. Beaver’s scope also included 30 acres of clearing and grubbing, 53,000 cy of topsoil strip, 400,000 cy of mass excavation cut to fill, along with 65,000 cy of rock blasting, aggregate surfacing and structural fill placement, structure excavation and backfill, site support for mechanical and electrical work, storm drainage, retaining wall and laydown area construction, and roadway improvements.