Columbia Parkway Landslide Progressive D-B

Columbia Parkway Landslide Progressive D-B, Cincinnati, Ohio


Cincinnati, Ohio

Project Highlights
  • $17.8 million progressive design-build contract delivery
  • Project scope included mitigation of 9 slide areas along a two-mile stretch of Columbia Parkway
  • Project design for 30-year effective lifespan
  • Site work included 9.9 acres of clearing, removal and off-site disposal of 66,700 cy of construction spoils, and 12 acres of grading and seeding
  • 1568 lf. of soldier pile walls constructed including 262 ea. of I-beam piers ( 24"-36" deep by 25'-35' long steel I-beams )
  • 4500 ea. of 1 1/8" dia. soil nails installed for a total of approximately 135,000 lf.
  • 217,600 sf. of high-tensile strength wire mesh installed
  • Catchment zones incorporated into the design for ongoing material and debris removal maintenance
  • No recordable safety incidents on the project
Project Description

The Columbia Parkway Landslide Remediation was a progressive design-build construction solution to address a decades-old issue of landslides and soil creep along a two-mile section of roadway in Cincinnati, Ohio. A long-term solution incorporating soldier pile walls, and soil nail/wire mesh retention systems provided the basis of the stabilization design and construction methods. The overall project scope for the stabilization of nine slide areas included; site investigation, project design, clearing, grading, excavation and off-site spoil removal, construction of soldier pile retaining walls and soil nail/wire mesh retention systems,  maintenance of traffic, and final seeding.