CCCPA – Ore Conveyance Tunnel Extension

CCCPA – Ore Conveyance Tunnel Extension, Cleveland, Ohio


Cleveland, Ohio

Project Highlights
  • 440 lf. ore conveyance tunnel extension
  • 4' thick cast-in-place tunnel foundation mat
  • 76 ea. pre-cast concrete tunnel arches
  • 12 ea. fabricated steel hoppers and cast-in-place concrete ring beams
  • 220 tons of reinforcing steel and 2,068 cy of cast-in-place concrete
Project Description

The Cleveland Cuyahoga County Port Authority (CCCPA) ore conveyance tunnel infrastructure project extended the bulk terminal’s ore tunnel by 440 lf. As part of the overall bulk terminal facility operations the tunnel system facilitates the movement of bulk iron ore from large delivery ships onto smaller ships for delivery to local mills.

The project included the construction of a 4’ thick cast-in-place concrete foundation mat for the tunnel extension, installation of 76 ea. pre-cast concrete tunnel arches, 12 ea. fabricated steel hoppers with cast-in-place concrete ring beams, and 31 ea. pre-cast, four-sided concrete box culverts for access into the tunnel.

The foundation and ring beams included 220 tons of rebar and 2,068 cy. of cast-in-place concrete. The mainline tunnel was constructed of 76 pre-cast arches with some individual segments weighing over 25 tons. 12 ea. fabricated steel hoppers were installed on cast-in-place concrete ring beams to feed iron ore into the tunnel and onto the conveyor system, which was installed in a separate phase.

Pre-cast element deliveries were coordinated with the pre-cast supplier and the CCCPA to help minimize any impacts to ongoing ship and rail deliveries at the terminal. Built in two phases, to allow the port to manage their current stockpile of iron ore, the project was completed in 4.5 months.