Canton Drop Forge – Hammer Foundation

Canton Drop Forge – Hammer Foundation, Canton, Ohio


Canton, Ohio

Project Highlights
  • New 50,000 lb. steam hammer foundation installation
  • 42' x 47' x 38' deep foundation included 2,400 cy of concrete and 103 tons of reinforcing steel
  • 2,000 cy of concrete demolition including removal of existing 30' x 30' x 30' deep concrete foundation
  • Project safety included monitoring of confined space
  • Value Engineering of concrete pour design generated significant project savings
  • Project completed in 5 months with approximately 20,000 manhours
Project Description

Canton Drop Forge is a company that specializes in closed die drop forging. Beaver Excavating was hired to install a new foundation to support a 50,000 lb. steam hammer installation at their existing Canton facility. A foundation was also built for a 2,000 lb. press that is to be installed following the hammer installation.

In order to facilitate the construction for the new foundation, existing equipment was removed in order to make room for the roughly 42’x47’ foundation. The foundation would also be approximately 38’ deep and required confined space monitoring during the construction process.

Initial preparation included the design and installation of a shoring system which would allow for the existing concrete foundations to be removed while maintaining production of adjacent equipment. Beaver worked closely with the design engineer to meet the customer’s operational needs while creating a clear path forward for construction. The existing 30’ x 30’ x 30’ concrete foundations were removed by pre-drilling pilot holes into the concrete and then utilizing an excavator mounted hoe ram to complete the demolition. Approximately 2,000 CY of concrete was removed in preparation for the new foundation installations.

The new foundation consisted of 2,400 CY of concrete, 103 tons of reinforcing steel, and surrounding concrete floor replacement. Value engineering the original foundation pour design replaced the planned mass concrete pour with individual lift pours generating significant project cost savings. Each pour was scheduled with the owner to maintain required cure times and isolation from vibrations during ongoing facility operations.

The project was completed in 5 months with approximately 20,000 manhours.